Isn’t this the best?

Mason Jar Tea Kit l

I found it on the truly lovely blog Thirsty for Tea – and knew it would be a perfect “non-food-yet-foodie” gift.

And it couldn’t be easier too.

Mason Jar Tea Kit l

Start with a pint-sized mason jar (which can then double as a drinking glass) and fill it however you like! I loved the items that Bonnie used in her jars, and just tweaked slightly.

Mason Jar Tea Kit l

I skipped the scones as I was in need of some non-homebaked treats. Instead I went with her suggestion of shortbread and jam, and I popped in a few truffles (because: chocolate).

And though I started with the honey sticks you see in the first picture,  I quickly realized that I’d need to bend them in order to fit into the jar. So I substituted with these cute packets that fit perfectly.

Mason Jar Tea Kit l

Done and done!

What would you fill a tea-time jar with?

Mason Jar Tea Kit l

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  1. Michelle on May 10, 2019 at 8:42 am

    This is such a great idea! Where can you find the packets of honey, mini jars of jam and individually wrapped walkers shortbread?

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