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favor-“ette”: holiday card ribbon hanger!

It never fails.

The week after Thanksgiving they start arriving.

And by “they”, I mean the never-ending stream of holiday cards.

For years – I mean, YEARS – I would hang the cards from a large bunch of branches. But I was looking for something new last year, and came across this idea:

holiday card display l

Simply cut ribbon – of any style, width or color – long enough to wrap around your cabinet doors. Affix the ends to the backsides of the doors with removable adhesive dots, and use more dots to attach the cards to the fronts.

holiday card display l

I love this idea for SO many reasons – first of all, could it be any easier? And look how “dressed up” those cabinets look – perfect for the holidays! You can re-use your ribbon from year to year, or switch things up (I’m on the hunt this year for some burlap ribbon for a more natural look).

holiday card display l

How do you display your holiday cards?

holiday card display l


Holiday Card Ribbon Hanger l


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