If you recall, I wrote on my last blogiversary post about a new-to-me site called MightyNest:

“MightyNest is a unique web site that provides you the ability to research, get advice and buy natural, organic and non-toxic products all in one place” (learn more on their our pledge page).

I was particularly excited about their MightyFix program – which, for $10 per month, delivers one new product to your home. Shipping is always free, the products are all full size (and also some of MightyNest’s most popular), and 15% of your purchase can be donated to your school. This is so clever because it allows you to replace – piece by piece – those less-than-ideal products with better alternatives. Much less overwhelming (and more practical) than throwing away everything in the house and starting anew.

But I was a little skeptical, so decided to try the program out for a few months myself before recommending it here.

My first delivery was a 3-pack of wool dryer balls (all images courtesy of MightyNest):


I had been seeing these pop up on my screen over the years and felt a pang of guilt every time I used one of my (admittedly beloved) dryer sheets instead. I mean………what was going to do a better job at giving me my fluffy, scented, dryer-full-of-warm-clothes?

But now here they were – so I tried them. I was immediately impressed with the clear and easy info that came with, along with the tip for adding a few drops of essential oil to the balls prior to use. As I already had a bottle of lavender oil from these posts I gave it a try.

Honestly? I could not tell the difference between the laundry that used the dryer sheets versus these balls.

Except for the fact that my clothes now smelled heavenly of lavender.

Next up? Bee’s Wrap reusable and washable food wrap.


I use a lot of plastic wrap. A LOT. Of plastic wrap. And feel a lot of guilt as a result. So I was more than a little excited to have what seemed to be a clearly superior alternative – made of noting but natural materials (beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil and tree resin). I received a special package for MightyFix customers, consisting of a large and medium wrap. There were more than a few negative reviews about the product having an unpleasant/overwhelming scent but I found the beeswax scent to be mild and totally pleasant (and with use, more and more unnoticeable). That said, the product had limitations for me. I would absolutely use it to wrap cheese, cut fruit vegetables and fresh bread. Where it’s not useful for me is in wrapping leftovers, covering bowls of food or wrapping my many quick breads and cakes – my lidded bowls and plastic wrap being more efficient.

So overall I am happy to have the product on-hand at a discounted price, but would probably not purchase more of/again.

I was most thrilled with my next shipment.


To say that I am addicted to my paper towels would be, well, an understatement. My plastic wrap problem pales in comparison, as does the guilt. I do so much cooking and baking, and think nothing of tearing off a sheet of paper towel for any clean-up need, big or small. So these dish cloths were my chance to make amends. I challenged myself for 2 weeks to use them in lieu of paper – exclusively.

And they were a pleasure to use. Soft and absorbent, they also came out of the wash super clean every time. They seem to be holding up well too. And my guilt? Eradicated. I’ve gone long past those 2 weeks and while – if I’m being honest – I still reach for those paper towels, I do so much much less.

And my most recent “fix”?

A Lunchskins reusable snack bag and sandwich bag.


This was not a good fit for me. Noah is not a sandwich kid, and the types of things I pack for him are better suited for containers than bags. I’ve tucked them away for future use……..

So what’s the verdict?

At $10 a month, I feel like I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth overall. The dryer balls alone were a game changer, and I love my dish cloths. I can’t help but be curious about upcoming shipments, so I’ll probably keep it going a while longer. There is clearly thought and integrity behind all of the products, and I do look forward to my monthly delivery. I also appreciate the fact that you can add unlimited products onto your Fix order without giving up the free shipping.

Thoughts? Have any of you tried the MightyFix – or a similar program?

More favor-“ettes” right here!

Note: I was not compensated for this post. All comments and opinions are – as always – completely my own.

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