So remember when I wrote about starting a capsule wardrobe? I discovered so many wonderful bloggers whose sites were devoted exclusively (or mostly so) to this concept.

And today I’m sharing one of my very favorites – and the story of how her site evolved from writing about a capsule wardrobe, to sharing her commitment to ethical fashion.

Allow me to present Andrea Hartman, of Seasons + Salt (all images courtesy of Andrea Hartman)!

seasons and salt

Like me, Andrea’s a mom of three, and I really love her style. It’s fresh, classic, and that just-a-bit-different to set her apart from the pack.

I’m SO excited that Andrea agreed to share her story here (and I’ve shared some of my favorite outfits) – let’s take a look!

seasons and salt

About Seasons + Salt:

“Seasons + Salt is a blog about simple, ethical style. I love to study the anatomy of an outfit, and share my favorites. I also talk a lot about trying to find contentment with what I own and doing more with less.”

How did you get into blogging?
I have a background in writing, specifically journalism. After I stopped working to have kids I picked up photography. Blogging was a natural step for both of those passions!

seasons and salt

What were you doing before you started blogging, and are you still doing it today?
Before I started blogging I had a portrait photography business. It was really fun, until I started blogging and realized I loved that much more. And thankfully I still get to use my photography skills for Seasons + Salt. Prior to blogging and photography I worked in TV news as a producer, and also in tourism and travel marketing.

What – if any – changes to your blog have you made since you started?
Initially when I started blogging (almost two years ago) I set out to write about and share my capsule wardrobes. Very quickly I stumbled into the world of ethical fashion, and all of a sudden I couldn’t scrub my mind of all that I had learned about the apparel world. There are a lot of sweatshops, even child labor, that go into keeping our clothing prices cheap. Not to mention the environmental toll from the rate we go through clothing. A few decades back clothing was saved for, spent well on, and treasured. Today we treat clothing as a disposable commodity. I recently read a statistic that said “3/5 of all clothing produced ends up in landfills within 1 year of being made.” (source: @ecofashionweek). Needless to say, my blogging focus has shifted! Though I still advocate for a small wardrobe, it’s just easier and more stylish.

seasons and salt

My favorite thing about blogging is…
My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with the community of women who blog and read blogs. It has been amazing! I have built some wonderful friendships.

My least favorite thing about blogging is…
My least favorite thing about blogging is when I have to stay up late to meet deadlines.

seasons and salt

What are your top 3 favorite blogs?
My top 3 favorite blogs are… goodness, I barely have time to read them anymore, but when I do I love reading A Cup of Jo (their ‘a week of outfits’ posts get me every time), Becoming Minimalist and Style Bee.

Which of your own posts mean the most to you, and why?
I wrote about the obstacles most people face that keep them from making the leap to shopping ‘ethically-made’ items. This came out of my first year of shopping ethically-only, and I learned a lot about what took me so long to get there.

Another, called my Baby Steps series, that is an easy introduction for how to approach building an ethical wardrobe.

And I love this post because it featured my family. They usually don’t appear on to my blog and it was really fun to share them with my readers.

seasons and salt

I love Andrea’s Instagram feed; it is a constant source of outfit inspiration as well as new-to-me clothing and accessory lines.

Thank you Andrea! xo

seasons and salt

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