While I typically devote this series to one favor-“ette” at a time, I have too many that I want to share with you today!

I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the standard microplane. I’ve been using mine forever and wouldn’t consider zesting lemons or grating cheese without it.

And then I received this nifty tool from Kitchen IQ.

kitchen iq better zester4

And it’s indeed a better version.

First, it comes with a cover – which has saved this girl’s poor knuckles from being “grated” as I root around in my utensil drawer.

kitchen iq better zester6


But even better is the flip side – which houses a little storage container with squeegee. The container gathers the zest, and the squeegee helps remove the zest from the back of the blade. The container is also conveniently marked with measurements. Oh so clever, and I love the color too.

kitchen iq better zester5

Next up:

Are you as smitten with the “stocking stuffers” section of the Container Store at holiday time as I am? Every year I’m determined to just walk away – and before I know it I’m loading my cart with portable wine glasses, scented highlighters and “monster” dental floss.

And honestly? I couldn’t even tell you why I tossed this in my basket. I mean, I have bench scrapers and spatulas galore. But there was “something” about this little tool from GIR that spoke to me.

GIR scraper

And it’s AWESOME. One of the most well-designed gadgets in my drawer, and one I pull out time and time again. It scrapes every last bit from my bowls, food processor, even the whisks and blades of my mixer. The flat edge is perfect for gathering up dough, and even has a ruler for spacing and measuring cookies. And while I still rely on my rubber spatula for folding and mixing dough and batter, this is my go-to for everything else.

I have found it VERY challenging to get my running clothes stink-free. As my clothes and sneakers are my only work-out expenses I invest in them, purchasing good-quality items that will last for years. And I give them lots of TLC – washing them in cold water, on a delicate cycle and line-drying. Problem is, these methods are often counter to what is needed to get the smell out.

hex laundry detergent

Enter Hex – a special detergent designed to safely and gently clean modern workout gear, while removing every trace of odor. I was seriously skeptical but gave it a try. And by gosh it WORKS! Smell, gone – completely. Check out their website for more info.

I know – I said that THIS was the best zit-zapper. But I couldn’t resist the rave reviews that Byrdie gave for Medik8 blemish gel.

medik8 blemish gel

When a reviewer says that her blemishes cleared up OVERNIGHT (and on more than one occasion), I take note. And by god, it’s true. It’s pricier than my old fave, but: a) I’m using less because it’s a gel versus a liquid, and b) one application (two, max) is all it takes to clear things up.

Any favor-“ettes” you’d like to share? Check out my Pinterest board for more!

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