As I’ve mentioned in the past, I RARELY wear jewelry. I’ve purchased the occasional ring and wrap bracelet, and had a fling there with some cool watches.

But for the most part it’s my wedding/engagement rings and a sliver of a necklace that Mike gave me on the anniversary of our first date.

What I NEVER wear are earrings. At least not in over a decade. I even checked my wedding album to see if I wore them then. Nope.

So for me to see a pair of earrings and immediately want them – and then actually BUY them – well, I’m just saying.

Let me introduce you to bare branch jewelry.

I discovered Melanie’s beautiful line of jewelry when she liked a photo of mine on Instagram. I was intrigued by the name and clicked over.

And wanted every. Single. Piece.

Melanie’s jewelry is SO me, on every level. Delicate without being twee. Clean and simple. Minimal. Modern.

I settled on these beauties and have not taken them off since:

bare branch jewelry

And my family noticed almost instantly.

“Sher, are you wearing earrings?”

“Mom – are those EARRINGS in your ears???”

Mind, you, these earrings are just 1/2″ long and a sliver wide – and I have a lot of hair. THAT’S what a big deal it is for me to wear earrings.

Here’s the lovely story behind bare branch jewelry, in Melanie’s words:

Hi there! My name is Melanie & I’m the lady behind the curtain of bare branch jewelry, a business born out of necessity. In 2004 my mom had an accident leaving her paralyzed from the shoulders down. While taking care of her I started making jewelry for her, myself, friends, etc.  When we realized her paralysis may be permanent, I realized I’d need to do something to help support our family (while being with her anytime day or night) & my little business was born. I started by making things I wanted to wear. Pretty, simple, easy to wear, everyday style jewelry taking a little inspiration from space & nature. Hopefully they’ll be pieces you’ll want to wear everyday too!

You can find Melanie’s entire collection at her Etsy shop, but she’s shared a sneak preview of some upcoming pieces that will be available later this month (photos courtesy of bare branch jewelry):

bare branch jewelry

This “lunar eclipse” ring has a round band with a disc set into it. An oxidized disc sits atop it & slightly off center representing the beginning of the eclipse (we’re actually expecting a lunar eclipse near the end of March 2016!).

bare branch jewelry

And this little oval turquoise stacking ring. The 6×4  gemstone is a sleeping beauty turquoise, which was mined in Arizona. It sits in a sterling silver bezel on top of a hammered argentium silver band.

Though Melanie’s pieces are incredibly well-priced to begin with, she is offering my readers a 20% discount on all purchases through the end of March. Simply enter the code silverbranch. All items come boxed and beautifully presented as shown – ready for giving and perfect for Mother’s Day, graduation or Sweet 16 gifts!

bare branch jewelry

Finally I wanted to mention on Melanie’s behalf her go fund me campaign, to help her dad with the cost of her mom’s ongoing in-home health care.

Thanks so much Melanie!

Note: I was not compensated for this post.


  1. Marisa on March 1, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    You just described my situation with earrings until I,too met Melanie on Etsy. I proudly own quite a few of her creations and have given her work as gifts, too. I wear one of the three pairs of teeny ball earrings nearly every single day. Love her work.

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