As I’ve gotten older my tolerance for the cold has plummeted – I just want to be warm, warm warm.

I never used to be that way. I never wore socks, didn’t own a proper winter coat, and hats and gloves be damned!

But now? I cannot be bundled ENOUGH.

That said, I also don’t want to walk around looking like this guy.

As a girl who favors form over function, it took a while for me to find just the right pieces – ones that would keep me toasty from head to toe, but with minimal bulk. But I’ve figured it out, and would love to share them with you!

Ready to take a look?

Let’s start with the most important piece – the coat.

j crew chateau stadium coat j crew wintress coat

stadium coat/puffer coat

I like to have two – one that is warm-ish, but stylish and SUPER colorful, to offset all the black things. This stadium coat is perfect (and on sale now!).

But when things get real – and the temps take a serious dip – having a no-joke warm coat is essential. I love this one because it is roomy enough to take a few layers underneath, but its fitted shape (and belt) gives it a nice slimming profile.

Next up? Hands and feet.

uniqlo heattech gloves and socks


Both of these items are from Uniqlo’s Heattech line. I LOVE this collection for winter running (which is how I discovered the socks), and they are also perfect for cold weather forays outdoors. The socks are slim yet SO warm, equally so for the gloves – which have tech-friendly fingertips too.

Onto footwear.

hunter boots no. 6 boots sorel boots

wellies/clog boots/boots

I take a three-tiered approach here, depending on the temperature/slush/snow factor.

For cold rain/melty snow/mild messiness, my black wellies do the trick (worn with the above socks if additional warmth is needed).

I also cannot live without my clog boots – the wooden platform raises me up above the fray, the leather is waterproof, and they are super cool.

Finally – when it’s so bad that I literally can’t even, these boots – they are THE BEST.

And here are my winter style staples, to pull it all together:

gap legging jean

legging jeans

I’ve written a whole post about my love for legging jeans. Their slim cut works beautifully under all manner of winter footwear, bulky sweaters and heavy coats. And they are warmer and more stylish than leggings. Get some.

madewell hats gap hat


The minute I pop a hat on I feel 10x warmer. I’ve amassed a collection of cute beanies; these are a few of my favorites.

lil fox shoppe scarf


Can one really have enough scarves? This is the one I love the most; it lends immediate wow to every winter outfit (and is so very very warm).

marc by marc jacobs crosby backpack


I don’t know about you, but I hate the bulk of a shoulder or cross body bag atop an already heavy coat. And my lifestyle is not one that lends itself to a handheld tote or clutch. A stylish-yet-functional backpack puts my business in the back, leaves me hands-free and is uber comfortable when running around.

So how about you? How do you keep things stylish – yet warm – when dressing for winter?

winter dressing tips

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