It’s that time of year again.

No, not fall.

Not Thanksgiving.

Not “the holidays”.

It’s Noah’s birthday party – and the yearly quest for the “right” goody bag.

And by “right”, I mean:

NO disposable crap.

NO junk food (well, maybe ONE piece of junk food).

And YES to something each child can make or do once they get it home (because: cabin fever).

There have been grow-your-own-grass kits, ornament dough, paperwhite bulb kits and even jars of chocolate chip cookie mix.

So what to do this year?

DIY Flubber.

make your own flubber kits

You remember Flubber, right? I thought it would be fun and different to put together kits that kids could bring home and – with just the addition of water – make their own Flubber with.

It was super easy and – at about $2 per kit (I already had the Borax and a big box of craft sticks), relatively cheap too.

make your own flubber kits

make your own flubber kits

Here’s what you need for each kit:

a one-quart plastic container (I got them here) – for holding the items and then mixing/storing the Flubber
2 craft sticks (or plastic spoons)
a 4-ounce bottle of Elmer’s glue (I bought them in bulk here)
1 ½ teaspoons of Borax, in a sealable plastic bag (like these)
a bottle of food dye (I used the liquid dye you get at the supermarket)
instructions (below, or you can click here to print them out!)

I made some cute labels (I LOVE this site!) and added ribbon to each container.

make your own flubber kits

make your own flubber kits


I think these will be a big hit – and many thanks to Lost Button for the inspiration!

How do you solve the “goody bag” conundrum? Do you pass on it altogether? What are some of your favorites? Share, please!


1. Pour the glue into the container. Fill the empty glue container with warm water, close it and shake. Add the water to the glue, along with a bit of food coloring, and use one of the sticks to stir. Add more food coloring if needed.

2. Pour the packet of Borax (1 ½ teaspoons) into 3 ounces of hot water and use the other stick to stir until it dissolves. Slowly pour it into the glue mixture while stirring. Keep stirring, and in a bit the mixture will turn into Flubber! If there’s any excess water, drain it out.

3. Keep your Flubber in the sealed container when not using, to keep it from drying out.


make your own flubber kits


  1. Jill P. on November 19, 2015 at 9:33 am

    Brilliant! And I love how you packaged them – so party festive.

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