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halloween “in the house”: spiders and webs cupcakes!

Gosh I love this series…………….

As someone with a strong (and mostly minimal) design aesthetic, I heart Halloween primarily because it’s everything I’m usually not:



And even a bit a whole lot cheesy.

We go big or go home around here, inside and out, treats and crafts included.

Like these super awesome “spiders” and “webs” cupcakes:

spiders and webs cupcakes

These cupcakes meet all of my Halloween craft and food criteria – they have the all-important “wow” factor, they are charming and fun, and are easy enough for even the most craft/baking challenged (promise!).

spiders and webs cupcakes

All you need are a batch of unfrosted cupcakes (homemade or store bought), a can of chocolate frosting, some candy melts and M & M’s.

Seriously guys, if you can trace a line you can make these cupcakes!

I’ve got all the details (including two downloadable templates!) on right now.

And stay tuned for more fun ideas every Wednesday this month!

Be sure to check out my Halloween Pinterest board too!

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