Been awhile, “c/c” – but I’ve got some good stuff to share with you all. No theme per se, rather a bit of this and that that I think you’ll love……..

Crushed: I am quite smitten with Dreamfarm. It’s an Australian company that produces a line of innovative, well-designed kitchen and housewares. My first purchase was the “Levoons” – a set of measuring spoons with handles that swipe across the top, leveling your ingredients:

I LOVE them.

Crushing: That said, I’m also seriously crushing on the Supoon – it stirs, scrapes and serves, and the bent handle keeps the head from touching your counter. It also has built-in teaspoon and tablespoon measures for this neurotic measures-everything cook.

dreamfarm supoon

Crushed: Have you heard of Natives? They are my new favorite water shoe for Noah (and I even got Mike and my dad into them too!).

native jefferson shoes

These shoes wear like a lightweight sneaker, and are fully closed – more supportive than flip flops or Crocs. They’re super stylish too, and work as a nice option for Noah with a button down and cargo shorts. I love the Jefferson style, which comes in a ton of colors (even glow in the dark!).

Crushing: I know, with the clogs. But these Nina Z’s? Dying…..

nina z sabots

Crushed: We just upgraded Noah to real “big boy” furniture – and needed something in keeping with his 6-year-old status to go on the walls. He LOVES superheroes but I didn’t want something that was either too literal or would grow old fast. I came across this series of minimalist posters by Paul Wade and couldn’t order them quickly enough. It was hard to narrow the selection down, but Noah finally settled on these four:

paul wade wolverine

paul wade ironman

paul wade hulk

paul wade captain america

Aren’t they awesome?

Crushing: And I am currently swooning over these hand drawn and lettered maps from I Lost My Dog. Those who know me won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve been eyeing this one in particular for some time now:

i lost my dog rockaway

And, of course, a few links to love:

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of “The Shining”, photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca collaborated on a series of stunning photos that pay homage to some of the movie’s most iconic scenes.

I use a lot of food coloring in my baking – and it can be a challenge to decipher the various types of dyes out there. This guide from the kitchn will help you decide if you need  “liquid gel dye” versus “gel paste dye”.

Jenna Lyons and Shake Shack – my worlds have basically collided…..

You can find everything I’ve crushed and am crushing on right here!

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