As the holiday madness (a.k.a., baking every single day) descends, I find myself turning more than ever to certain dinners.

Dinners that can be made ahead (like stuffed shells).

Dinners that use ingredients that I have on-hand, when I “forget” to prepare in advance (like a quick ragu sauce).

And dinners that ask nothing more from me than throwing the ingredients in a pot and sticking it in the oven.

Like these chili chicken tacos.

chili chicken tacos

This is a staple dinner in our family and I make it even more frequently during the holiday season.

I came across this little trick in Cook’s Illustrated (don’t you love their kitchen tips?), for keeping the taco shell sturdy and upright, for easier filling:

use a fork to keep a taco shell upright

Simply use the tines of a fork to stabilize the shell, leaving both hands free.

use a fork to keep a taco shell upright

I tried this and it actually works!

Do you have any little time/hassle savers that make life just a little easier in the kitchen?

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