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If you ever doubted my love for you all – doubt no more.

Because I’m showing you my ROOTS, people – and I don’t show my roots to just anyone (or ever, for that matter).

But when I had the opportunity to try Madison Reed hair color – and was blown away by the results – I couldn’t keep it to myself. THAT’S how good this product is.

madison reed

I am extremely particular about my hair – and with good reason. I have been relaxing my curls for almost 20 years, which means a lot of additional TLC to keep it strong and healthy. When I began seeing a few stray grays some years back, I opted for a rinse-out color from the drugstore, to add as little additional product as possible. This worked out great for a while.

But when those “few strays” began taking over my whole head, I was in a conundrum: do I go with a stronger, more permanent out-of-a-box product (and risk breakage or other damage)? Or do I bite the bullet and head to the salon?

madison reed before shot

madison reed before shot

I opted for the latter (going curly was NOT an option, in case you were wondering). This has been a costly and time-consuming process, as many of you well know – but I didn’t think I had another choice.

Madison Reed solves this problem – and solves it beautifully.

Their approach to hair color is “Better For You” – and they have thought of everything to back that claim up.

From the ingredients used (and more importantly, eliminated) in their products, to the system they’ve created to make at-home color foolproof, easy and FUN, you will be thrilled with the results!

I started with an on-line chat with a Madison Reed “Color Advisor”. I sent him a picture of my current color, and explained that I like to turn my grays into warm highlights, rather than covering them up and make my entire head darker. He selected a color that would do just that and I placed my order.

And here’s what you get when your order arrives:

madison reed hair color

What did I tell you?

I love the fact that you get two pairs of gloves (which you always need) – plus barrier cream to protect your skin, along with cleansing wipes to remove any stray drops.

I had already downloaded the clever app – which is voice-activated, so you don’t have to touch your phone to follow the instructions (right??) – and got to work.

madison reed hair color

The first thing I noticed was the smell – if you’ve ever colored your hair you know how unpleasant it can be. But the product smelled great – like a fancy shampoo or hair treatment. I finished the process with the included shampoo and conditioner (which also smelled heavenly, and were generously sized), and could tell right away that my hair felt great.

But the true test, of course, was the color.

And I am THRILLED. The grays are completely covered, and there are tonal and color variations that give me the same depth and highlights that I am accustomed to getting at the salon. My hair blew out easily and feels soft and healthy.

madison reed after shot


I attribute my happy hair to the high quality of the ingredients used in Madison Reed products: keratin (which adds protein and elasticity, while preventing breakage), argan oil (which provides moisture, shine and softness) and ginseng root (which helps add volume and moisture). And the list of missing ingredients is equally impressive – there is no ammonia, alcohol or parabens.

I’m so excited to extend a special offer to my readers, so that you can all try Madison Reed at a very reduced price!

Just click here and enter the code BETTERCOLOR to receive 50% off your purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your current color, touch up your roots or try a brand new shade!

I don’t always have the time or need to sit in the salon – especially if it’s just for a touch-up – and am so happy to have Madison Reed on-hand. Let me know if you try it, and what you think!

Note: In addition to being compensated for this post, Madison Reed sent me a complimentary hair color kit to try at home. All comments and opinions expressed here – as always – are completely my own.


  1. Anne on November 14, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Alright Sheri, I’m a gonna do it. You convinced me. First time ever to color the hair. Wish me luck, advice welcome.

    • sherisilver on November 14, 2014 at 1:54 pm

      No luck needed – it’s really foolproof! The site has lots of great tips as does the app. Please let me know how it comes out!

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