I can’t believe I’m just getting to this blog now, as it’s one of the very first I started reading.

chalk white arrow

all photos courtesy of Sara Charlesworth

Chalk White Arrow is a gorgeous lifestyle blog, penned by Sara Charlesworth.

chalk white arrow brunch post2

chalk white arrow brunch post

chalk white arrow home decor post2

There are lovely travel pieces, delicious and simple recipes, photos of her small but beautifully curated home, and my favorite – her style posts.

chalk white arrow style post

chalk white arrow style post3

Sara’s style is an always-spot-on mix of high and low, vintage and new, trendy and timeless. I’m pretty sure I’ve loved every outfit she’s ever worn on her site.

chalk white arrow style post2

And now added to the mix are posts about her new baby Jude (LOVE that name).

chalk white arrow baby

What ties all of Sara’s posts together are her dreamy, gorgeous photography. There is a blurred, other-worldly quality to many of her photographs that makes each of her posts feel like a mini-escape. And she writes in a refreshingly down to earth fashion.

chalk white arrow travel post

chalk white arrow travel post2

As most of her posts are written in a manner to support the accompanying photos, I don’t have a “favorite” or two to share. Nor do I know Sara personally to ask her.

But be sure that her blog is a place you’ll want to bookmark and spend time with.

chalk white arrow home decor post3

I’m curious – if you read blogs – do you have a favorite “type” of blog? A niche that you tend to favor? And whether you have a favored category or are more all over the place, what are the qualities that keep you from being more than just a one-time reader? That is, what keeps you coming back again and again?

Wanna know what “blove” is?

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