When drawing up my list of flavors that I wanted to incorporate into pops for this series, I didn’t give much thought to the actual execution. I just figured I’d find at least a  few recipes out there –  that had worked out all the kinks for me – print out the best one, and make amazing popsicles.

This plan, for the most part, has worked out quite well.

Except when I got to creme brulee.

See, creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts – and one of my signature desserts as well. I actually owe you all a post on how to make the perfect creme brulee – something I’ve been meaning to share for quite some time now. I adore that creamy vanilla custard and am over the moon for the crunchy, crackly burnt sugar topping.

But while I found recipes for creme brulee ice cream, french toast and even cookies, there was nary a post on creme brulee popsicles.

I almost gave up on the idea – but I persevered (this was important stuff!), and came up with what I think is possibly my favorite pop so far!

creme brulee popsicles

Introducing creme brulee popsicles by Donuts, Dresses and Dirt!

creme brulee popsicles

I went around and around in my head on how to replicate that bruleed topping – which is as important as the custard itself, IMHO. At first I thought I’d fold bits of caramel into the custard before freezing the pops. But I was afraid that the caramel would get chewy. I realized that the answer was in coating the pops with the caramel pieces just before serving.

creme brulee popsicles

Tableside pops – don’t you just love it?

Both the pops and the caramel can be made in advance, and my family will attest to how amazing these were – JUST like a frozen creme brulee.

I’ll get back to you on the real thing soon; promise.

creme brulee popsicles

Creme Brulee Popsicles

2 c. heavy cream
1 vanilla bean
5 egg yolks
1 1/3 c. sugar, divided
pinch of kosher salt

Make your custard: Place cream in a medium saucepan. Using a small sharp knife, split the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Add pod and seeds to the cream. Heat till hot to the touch. Meanwhile whisk yolks in a medium bowl (use a towel to stabilize the bowl). Continuing to whisk, add 1/3 c. sugar and pinch of salt. Slowly pour the egg mixture into the hot cream, whisking constantly. Bring just to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Pour through a sieve into a measuring cup.

Pour custard into your popsicle molds – freeze for 30-45 minutes or till slushy. Add sticks and freeze overnight.

To release the pops, hold molds briefly under hot water. Place pops on a baking sheet and keep in freezer till ready to serve.

Make your caramel: Line a baking sheet with a Silpat (or a piece of oiled tin foil). Place remaining 1 c. sugar in a heavy duty saucepan or skillet. Melt over high heat, stirring occasionally as edges begin to color, so that the sugar doesn’t burn before the caramel is ready. Once melted, swirl pan till caramel is a deep amber color. Immediately pour onto your prepared sheet; let cool completely. Place your hardened caramel in a heavy ziploc bag and crush into bits using a meat mallet, rolling pin or heavy skillet – you can make the pieces as large or small as you like. Transfer to a small bowl.

Serve: Let the pops sit out for a few minutes to soften. Transfer your caramel bits to a plate or shallow bowl. Press both sides of your pops gently but firmly into the caramel, to coat. Serve immediately.

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This delicious recipe brought to you by Sheri Silver

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  1. Thalia @ butter and brioche on August 13, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    ooh love anything creme brulee flavoured.. could so devour one of these popsicles, wish it wasnt winter here now!

    • sherisilver on August 14, 2014 at 7:17 am

      Thank you! And I thoroughly approve of pop-eating all year round 😉

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