Hi all!

You may have noticed a new little button at the bottom of my recipes, like this:

chicory app button

I’m so excited to introduce you all to a most-clever new app called Chicory!

chicory app button screen shot

Chicory connects all the ingredients to my recipes with online grocers (like Peapod), so you can
get everything you need delivered straight to your door – with just a few clicks.

And it couldn’t be easier to use: just click the “get ingredients” button underneath one of my recipes, add the items to your cart, de-select the ingredients you already have, and then get everything delivered from your local online grocer.

So, for example, your shopping list for buffalo chicken wings and flourless chocolate cookies will look like this:

chicory app shopping list

The app really shines when you’re shopping for more than one recipe at a time (a la mealtime bootcamp). The shopping cart defaults to the best products at the best prices for whatever you’re making (basically, no more buying waaay too much or waaay too little).

As this is a brand new program it is not available everywhere – yet. But I have no doubt that Chicory will be taking off in a big way. They’ve tapped into the need of busy cooks who are looking to make delicious, quality meals and snacks but are short on time – and let’s face it, does any one REALLY want to go food shopping?

Consider giving Chicory a try – I’d love to know what you think of it!

Note: Chicory is an affiliate partner of my blog. All opinions expressed here – as always – are completely my own.

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