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meg conley

all images courtesy of Meg Conley

She’s a keeper.

Meg and I met “officially” at Alt Summit last year, though I had already been a huge huge fan. I’ve wanted to share this talented woman with you all for some time now, and I’m glad I waited – she has an exciting new venture that you’ll want to take a look at (more on that in a bit…)!

But first, a little about Meg and her blog,  “Meg in Progress”:

“Meg Conley is a freelance writer and blogger specializing in topics of womanhood and motherhood. Her blog, Meg in Progress, is quickly becoming a nationally recognized platform for women’s issues and day to day inspiration.”

Meg in Progress is a bit of a departure in terms of the blogs I typically feature here – very little in the way of recipes, DIY’s, pictorials, etc.  But when I look to the criteria I use when featuring a blog, it’s #1 that gets me every time:

Great writing.

Meg’s pieces are beautifully crafted, thoughtfully composed and always – always – leave me thinking. Meg is bawdy yet ladylike, funny yet empathetic, and outspoken yet always kind.

Meg and I couldn’t be more different (from age and religion, to geography and life experiences), yet it is a testament to her astounding way with words that proves that there are qualities that transcend all – and bind us together.

Can you tell I’m a fan?

So without further ado, Meg’s favorite posts!

This happens to be one of my favorites too. I love the way Meg is not afraid of pushing buttons and speaking bluntly about issues that tend to raise hackles – especially among women. Amid the “mommy wars” and eviscerating comment threads on too many blogs, Meg speaks with refreshing honesty, intelligence and warmth.


A Call to Womanhood: The (not so) Radical Right

“I’d love for us to better understand that feminism is a big tent, grand enough to fit all kinds of women and all kinds of ideologies. Career, no career, children, no children, conservative, liberal and everything in between. Do you love women? Do you think they are made of fire and equality and big abilities? Great. You’re in. Let’s talk.”

Such a funny, open account of what all women can totally relate to. And chocolate.


4 Things to Remember When You are PMS-ing (Or Otherwise Sad, Anxious or in a General Funk of Mild Despair)

“Listen, we’ve all been there. And will be again. Be gentle with yourself…you deserve it.”

Another piece that will forever be filed in my memory. I’ve read this several times and each time am overcome with this woman’s ability to write – at length – with such economy. Each sentence – each word – is so beautifully crafted, and I just know that her father would have been filled with pride that this was written for and about him.


Dad’s Eulogy

“Sometimes the world breaks apart. Let’s acknowledge our broken spirits together and gain strength in arms of one another. And yes, I know that sounds like a line from a self-help book but I mean it THIS much.”

And I have to include one of my personal faves – I remember sharing this and feeling like she was giving her readers a warm hug.

And so here’s the exciting news! Meg has designed a line of home goods, and is extending a 15% discount to my readers (use the code homeinprogress). I love love love this pillow:

meg in progress sparkle pillow

“I was so delighted when Latter Day Home approached me about doing a home line. I think as women we feel like design has to be aspirational. But my line kind of flips that thinking on its head. What if where you are is absolutely lovely because it contains you and your hopes, as well as you and your mess and the reality of just getting through the day to day? As women we are living proof that empowerment and beauty can go hand in hand. Let’s make our homes proof of that truth.”

So this is Meg – I can’t say enough about how much I admire her talent, her style, her kindness and her humor. She’s the real deal, and has been one of the greater sources of inspiration for me as I cultivate my own voice right here.

Thanks so much Meg!

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