I’ve linked up today at My 3 Little Birds – a warm and lovely blog written by a talented mother and writer. Mary Lauren is opening her blog up this month for others to share what she calls “MOMents”.

What are “MOMents”? Well, as she so beautifully writes:

MOMents are part reflection, part realization.

But mostly MOMents are about noticing life as it happens.

MOMents weave a word-tent, a shelter from a life that tells us to run faster, be better, whatever you’re doing, you’re not doing enough.

MOMents are an answer to the voice in our head that says we’re not doing it right.

Because look at your life. Have you ever seen such beauty?

So grab your camera. Put a pencil in your pocket.

That dream you had last night? Draw a picture of it, how it made you feel, how you flew over rooftops chased only by morning.

I encourage you to take a look at this special blog………

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