I knew exactly where our next “Mommy and Noah” destination would be when Noah pointed to a picture of the ocean in one of his books and said “sand box!”.

It was time to go to the beach.

I’ve found that most people fall into one of two categories – they’re either beach people or pool people. I, for the most part, fall into the latter. Not that I don’t love the beach but on a hot summer day I typically prefer sitting by, and swimming in, a pool.

But the beach in the fall? Love it. And last Thursday was shaping up to be an ideal end-of-summer beach day. The forecast predicted warm weather in the morning, showers in the afternoon and much cooler temps by evening – signalling the impending arrival of autumn. I seized the opportunity to take my beach-deprived boy on a trip. We went to a small private beach, about 45 minutes away, that was on the sound as opposed to the ocean. I liked this because Noah is like a magnet for the water and I knew that the sound’s calmer, shallower and warmer conditions would be preferable to the ocean. Especially in clothes.

When we got there, the beach was mostly deserted, the air was comfortably warm and the tide was very slowly coming in.

Noah loved it.

He got right to work, splashing in the water, collecting shells and organizing his tools:

And I got the opportunity to remind myself how no swimming pool can compare to warm sand, salty air and the natural beauty that surrounded me.

For Noah, the highlights of the day were getting soaking wet (in his clothes? even better!) and finding, what he called a “tunnel”:

And for me?

It was looking at those adorable, tiny bare feet – which still fit in the palm of my hand – and relishing how young, and new and fresh his life still is.

It was a perfect day.


  1. Susan Hughes on September 21, 2011 at 6:53 pm


    I love sitting on my back deck looking at the sunset and reading your blogs.
    This one gave me such good memories. My husband was an older “dad”. We had my daughter when he was 46. He so enjoyed every moment of her growing up and now that she is married, misses her so. Our daughter was a “beach kid” and my husband would dig hugh holes in the sand and called them “kid traps”. By the end of the day we usually had bunches of kids playing in the hole, waiting for the ice cream man. Thnaks for reminding me of great memories!

    • sheri silver on September 21, 2011 at 9:08 pm

      Susan! Thanks so much for your note! I’m so much more aware, this time around, of the passing of time – I feel like I, too, will “blink” and he’ll be gone – so I truly appreciate what you wrote! Thanks again, 🙂

  2. Barbara on September 24, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Thank for bring Long Island to us, I moved upstate after my divorce ( it is beautiful here with plenty of rivers but no salt water.lol, but I come back and visit girlfriend with my kids, and one of the things I miss the most is the ocean and the sound. I lived in Sag Harbor for many years and I loved taking my kids to heaven beach when they were toddlers… then they grew up and wanted big waves at the ocean beach. but I loved both.

    But give me a pool with a good book and a nice ice tea and I am just fine. lol. no sand in the car, the house, the carpet, the laundry room, in their shoes….on and on.

    Ps love reading your blog and love the pics.

    • sheri silver on September 24, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      I hear you about the sand – that’s exactly why I’m a “pool” person – much less messy! Thanks so much for your note and lovely comments! 🙂

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