Like many of you out there, I have a bit of a bag obsession – always in search of that elusive “perfect one”, and constantly switching bags depending on my outfit, the weather, my mood, etc.

I also seem to think that I live a life where all of my essentials can fit into a cute little handbag – well, thanks to you-know-who, that is no longer the case. I have stuff – and that stuff needs to be transferred every time I switch bags.

In addition,  I have a penchant for big, shapeless totes – you know, the ones with either no pockets at all or a tiny one that doesn’t even hold a packet of tissues? Like this:

Cute, right? Not so much when everything falls straight to the bottom and I’m constantly dumping the contents out onto the car seat/kitchen table/floor to find what I’m looking for.

So, what to do about the “stuff”?

Bag in a bag.

What I needed was a bag that was big enough to hold all my “stuff” – tissues, pen, lipstick, notebook, band aids, nail file – and that I could simply throw into whatever purse I was carrying. Ideally it would be slim enough to not take up too much room, waterproof and durable (I am not gentle with my things). And, in a perfect world, it could pinch hit as a clutch bag too.

Well, hello!

I discovered this faux wicker bag at a great store near my home. I plan to do a whole post on Pretty Funny Vintage soon (here it is!), but couldn’t wait to share this with you, as I am loving this bag so much! It’s everything I asked for – roomy without being bulky, wipes clean, sturdy and well-made.

And an adorable clutch all on its own too.

The bag actually comes in 2 versions – the one shown here ($32) and a larger style ($42), which you can see on the store’s blog.

And guess what? The gals at Pretty Funny have been gracious enough to offer a 15% discount on either bag (not including shipping) if you mention donuts, dresses and dirt. Offer has expired.

Does it get any better than this? I didn’t think so…….

Happy Friday!

Wondering what favor-”ette” means? Click here!

Pretty Funny Vintage
80 South Broadway
Tarrytown, New York 10591


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