By the time December rolls around and I’ve finished doing all of my clients’ holiday planters, I am DONE for the season. It’s all I can do to push through New Year’s and get to the short stretch of time I have to relax, regroup and reflect.

That said, by mid-March I’m typically chomping at the bit to get my hands dirty and “make pretty” again – I can hardly wait to get to the nursery and start planting. But this year, spring has taken a painfully long time to arrive and I was less than enthusiastic about getting back to work. The weather has been chilly/damp/overcast for weeks and I just wasn’t feeling it.

But spring planters needed to be done so I spent this past weekend at my favorite local nursery.

As I walked around, grabbing plants and making arrangements, I could literally feel my whole body unclench. I slowly started to relax as I took in the flowering bulbs, flats and flats of pansies and beautiful old relics resurrected with a creative twist by the nursery’s inventive and talented owner.

There was even a “spring bed” that was utterly joyous.

By the end of the day I was “back” and  once again thankful for work that allows me to be surrounded by beautiful living things. I unloaded the van at home, planted some pots right away for us, and (gray skies aside) smiled at the commencement of a new season.

Best of all, it looks I have a little helper in the making…….

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