A number of years ago I was in charge of the design and creation of several dozen terrariums to sell at a fundraiser for my school’s PTSA. I had never done anything like it before, and – well,  I became a little obsessed. Every so often after the event I would buy some plants and make a terrarium – and then proceed to watch it die within a  few months.

Eventually I  gave up……………and then recently I came across this charming little company. These 2 women create and sell “moss terrariums and other small worlds” – how could I resist? And, they’re based in Brooklyn, which is always a plus for me.  I was so taken with their site that I decided to try my hand at making one – and wound up making 10. They were  easy and fun to put together (this is a great project to do with your kids), and are giving me much pleasure as I wait for this endless, chilly March to give way to some nicer weather.

Till then……………

Moss Terrariums
inspired by Twig

*any kind of glass container – I used a variety, as you can see in the pictures – I  experimented with different sizes, some with lids and some that are open
*dried moss
*rocks, stones or pebbles – I found that the smooth, flat kind were easiest to layer with
*a stick or dowel – I used chopsticks
*soil – I used a soil mix for planters and window boxes – it is specially blended to provide optimal drainage, which you’ll want for your terrarium
*fresh moss (I got mine here and received a nicely packaged box filled with 3 kinds of moss –  cushion, sheet and rock cap)
*a spray bottle filled with water

Soak the dried moss in a bowl of water for a few minutes. In the mean time, place a layer of stones at the bottom of your container – about 1-2″ thick.

Take some of the wet moss, squeeze it out and flatten it – press it completely over your layer of stones, making sure that the stones are completely covered – use your stick to help make a nice neat seal.

Pour in some soil – about 1/2 – 1″ thick. Spray with water.

Now add the fresh moss. Break or tear off pieces of varying sizes. Spray both sides with water before laying the pieces down over the soil. Press the moss down firmly onto the soil to create a tight seal. Use your stick  to help you reach any tight or narrow spots.

I stopped at this point – you can too. Or,  like the ladies at Twig, you can create a “vignette” with stones, twigs and people.

That’s it! Terrariums should be placed by a window where they will receive strong natural (but not direct) light. If your terrarium is tightly sealed you’ll want to open it up 2-3 times  a week for an hour or so to let air circulate. As for watering – mist it with your spray bottle when it looks dry but do not saturate.

I have no doubt that you will now want to make a terrarium or 2 (or 10………) of your own – please take pictures and share your creations with me!

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