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quick breads/tea breads

cinnamon sugar breakfast puffs

Summer weekends are a mad dash to get out the door and start the day – so breakfasts are typically quick and easy. But the minute the air turns crisp I inevitably seek out weekend breakfasts that are a bit more indulgent. Food that begs for lingering over the papers, and great smells coming from…

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favor-“ette”: scones, revisited (and news!)

I’ve been thinking about scones lately. How much I love them. And about how long it’s been since I posted about them – like, so long ago that my pictures looked like these (and thanks, as always, for sticking with me anyway…). So I thought it was time for another post. Except this time I…

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dairy free: carrot bread

Way back when, I found myself with some very pretty carrots from the farmer’s market that I was not planning on using anytime soon.  So in my ongoing campaign to get Noah to eat I decided to look for a carrot bread recipe. This was not so easy – carrot cake, no problem. But I…

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my “super bowl post”

Well apparently it’s the law that if you write a food blog you have to post a Super Bowl-themed recipe this week. Here’s the thing: I could care less about football. However – I DO make a mean chili, so why not share it with you now? It’s got homemade corn bread and everything! I’ve been…

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holiday baking: one pound cake, two ways (lemon poppy)

If the Deluxe Double-Vanilla pound cake from yesterday was too subtle and low-key for you, then you are going to LOVE this version. It’s got it all going on – flecks of lemon zest and black poppy seeds in the batter, and a shiny, lemony glaze on top. This cake is as pretty as it is…

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holiday baking: one pound cake, two ways (deluxe double-vanilla)

On the list of all sweet things I love, pound cake………..well, takes the cake. Today’s recipe is from a book I’ve talked about before. Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Cake Bible has truly been my “bible” for much of my cake-baking life. Her pound cake recipe is the best I’ve ever tried (I’ve made it so often that…

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thank you

date nut bread

This post is about parents, grandparents and Coke slushies. It’s also about gratitude, traditions and date-nut bread. I’m sitting in my kitchen, getting ready to pack and prepare as we leave for what will be our 8th trip to Disney World. And when I say “we” I mean Mike, Chelsea, Conor and me. Noah stays…

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