speculoos (a.k.a., “cookie butter”)

speculoos (a.k.a., "cookie butter")

June 3rd, 2014

So yeah – I’m the last living person to discover cookie butter. Which is odd because it is totally my thing. A sweet, butterscotch-y, non-chocolate-y dip/spread/treat? Where have I been? Clearly NOT on Pinterest (where an infinity number of variations and ways to bake with this stuff lives), OR Trader Joe’s – who apparently has […]


waffled hash browns

waffled hash browns

May 13th, 2014

Ready for the best lunch of your life? All you need is a potato. And an egg. Oh – and your waffle iron…… Ever a fan of the multi-tasker in my wardrobe, I feel just the same when it comes to kitchen tools and equipment. I avoid, at all costs, “one-note” gadgets (okay, except for […]


favor-”ette”: apple peel “twigs”

apple peel twigs

November 5th, 2013

Still got apples? Me too. And what’s worse is that Noah will NOT eat an unpeeled apple – in fact, none of my kids would “eat the peels” when they were little. Which results in a lot of discarded peels. So you could imagine my delight upon discovering this genius use of apple peels – from […]


favor-”ette”: bread and butter

banana bread and strawberry butter

October 29th, 2013

Sometimes an old standby needs an upgrade. Banana bread is a staple in most bakers’ repertoires. Even “non-bakers” typically feel comfortable whipping up a batch. And what better way to use up the inevitable overripe bananas? But I think we can all agree that – on its own – banana bread is a bit….meh. It […]


favor-”ette”: ginger syrup

homemade ginger syrup

September 24th, 2013

Do I love a good multi-tasker? You know I do. Whether it’s an ankle boot, a ganache recipe or the perfect pair of shorts, I love all things that have multiple uses. And this one is even better, because it’s the leftovers from another recipe. Allow me to present…..ginger syrup! My obsession with candied ginger […]


favor-”ette”: an empty mustard jar

almost empty mustard jar

May 8th, 2013

Well, almost empty. I actually thought I had shared this with you already – oops! This is a good one – and so easy. If you use jarred mustard, here’s a great tip for getting every last drop out of that little jar. When there’s about one to two teaspoons of mustard left in the jar (you’ll […]


dairy free: “cheezy” broccoli fritters

dairy free: "cheezy" broccoli fritters

January 29th, 2013

Okay guys- we’re almost at the “dairy-free” finish line and I’m churning out the recipes fast and furiously! Today it’s a savory side dish (or a light meal/vegan entree) that highlights one of the best vegan blogs out there. It’s called Healthy. Happy. Life., and is written and photographed by Kathy Patalsky. I really, really admire […]


just a pinch: vinegar

pasta with shrimp tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette

November 26th, 2012

So if you thought I knew next to nothing about olive oil….well, I know even less about vinegar. The collection in my pantry has been amassed solely based on whatever my various recipes called for – and it’s about as uninspired as it gets. Red wine, balsamic, apple cider and all-purpose white. Yawn. While I […]


just a pinch: olive oil

salad with toasted walnuts cherries and apples, garlic mushroom vinaigrette

November 16th, 2012

Olive oil is definitely one of those ingredients that I knew very little about. Basically, I knew that you  “cooked” with the regular stuff and “tasted” with the extra virgin, and for years that’s all I kept in my kitchen. And then our farmer’s market manager gave me a brief schooling in the art – […]


101: how to roast peppers

roasted peppers

October 12th, 2012

I always avoided recipes that called for homemade roasted peppers. It was such a hassle to stand over the stove, turning and turning each pepper over the flame until it was charred.  And the peeling/coring/seeding? Messy/annoying/no. And then – years ago – I came upon this great tip and now rarely even use jarred peppers. […]