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nyc-etc: austin edition

greetings from austin mural

Mike had business in Texas a few months ago and we decided to go out a few days before and spend some time in Austin – we had, for a time, considered moving out of New York and Austin was on the (very) short list of possible locations. This is by no means a comprehensive…

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So I turned myself to face me But I’ve never caught a glimpse Of how the others must see the faker I’m much too fast to take that test -Changes, David Bowie I turn 50 today. Many of my friends have turned 50 recently, and it’s been interesting to see how they chose to mark…

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at the corner of parenthood and plans

go mighty, summer stunner, nyc bike

So remember my bike trip around Manhattan? Well, I did it (kind of)! Seems that – as usual – parenthood intervened to teach me that: a) I am most definitely NOT in charge of my plans, and b) a change in plans often works out even better than expected. I’ve posted Part One on Go…

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nyc-etc: it’s about the journey…

roosevelt island tram, new york city

Chelsea’s spring break was coming to an end, and I was in the mood for an adventure – something along the lines of a how-much-can-I-cram-into-one-day excursion. There would be some fun food (of course), a little culture, and something brand new. One of my fondest childhood memories was a day spent in the city with…

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city mouse, country mouse

golden knives challenge

So much good stuff to share, I couldn’t wait till Monday! I’ve been thrilled to discover that children’s clothing is so much more stylish now than when I was shopping for Chelsea and Conor back in the day. And CHaLK nyc is a perfect example of how far things have come. CHaLK nyc is the creation of…

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the high line: (early) spring

high line, new york city

I was so excited about my next installment in my “Year on the High Line” series. I mean, after the winter we’ve had, who wouldn’t be thrilled to welcome spring by spending the day at one of the city’s most fabulous parks? And then I woke up to a day like most we’ve had this…

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a sugar recap (and why I’m NOT going gluten-free)

Let’s start with sugar. This was in many ways much harder to give up than dairy – simply put, I missed my sugar! That said, it wasn’t nearly as hard  as I thought it would be (I know, it was only a month. And, okay, this happened). And though I didn’t notice any changes health-wise, it…

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#2 (thoughts on two years)

“Year two? Bring it”. image credit: Homemade Serenity That’s how I ended the post I wrote about my blog’s one year anniversary. And here we are, a whole year later. I tried to think of a clever title – something witty to say about the number “two”. This is what I found: Two’s company. It…

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take it away…sugar (and a dairy recap)

So I did it! A whole month without dairy (well, there was one slip – at the airport coming back from Alt, my “custom” burger order came with cheese – yes, I ate it anyway……). And, like most experiments, it had a completely different outcome than the one I was expecting. Let’s start with my…

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