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happy new year – let’s eat!

Happy New Year all! Hope your holidays were fabulous, spent doing things you love with those you love most. We had a busy and fun break #sixteendaysofnoschool. There were LOTS of movies – both the child and grown-up variety. Highlights for me were “Song of the Sea” (gorgeous animation and a refreshing break from the…

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a gift guide (of sorts)!

art of plants

It seems that every blogger/magazine/lifestyle site I know puts out a holiday gift guide. And I enjoy them all – love when someone else does all the legwork to find that perfect dog gift/under $25 gift/babysitter gift/Secret Santa gift JUST FOR ME. I’ve abstained from doing my own guide because I honestly didn’t think I…

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nyc-etc: with cjb 2013

Since Chelsea started college we’ve had a little tradition of spending a special day in the city at holiday time. Always included are a walk through Central Park and a look at the store windows along Fifth Avenue. But last year I wanted to do things a little differently. I wanted a marathon experience –…

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nyc-etc: eataly

coffee shortbread

I had the occasion to go to Eataly this summer for a special event hosted by Lavazza coffee. And it reminded me that I had been wanting to write about this place for some time now, and totally forgot! I’m kind of glad I did though – it’s a much better story now. But first…..Eataly.…

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nyc-etc: summer streets

summer streets, grand central terminal

We did something SO cool this summer. And apparently it’s been going on every summer since 2008 (HOW did I miss this?). It’s called “Summer Streets“, and here’s the scoop: “Summer Streets is an annual celebration of New York City’s most valuable public space—our streets. On three consecutive Saturdays in the summer, nearly seven miles…

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paris peeks: montmartre

montmartre, sacre coeur

One of the best things about our trip to Paris was the fact that we had both been there before. We had done most of the “major” sights and museums so were able to focus on lots of meandering and people watching (and eating, of course). One neighborhood that neither of us had been to…

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favor-“ette”: j. crew & the high line

j crew high line

When I got the e-mail I think I may have done a little happy dance. Seems J. Crew is as smitten with the High Line as everyone else is (including me), and created a special collection inspired by NYC’s “Park in the Sky”: image credit: the high line This super-cool collection includes kids’ and adult…

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the high line: summer

high line, nyc

Oops. When I looked at my last High Line post I realized that I implied that there was to be a “late spring” post to follow. Can you guess what happened? Late spring. A.k.a., weeks – I mean, weeks – of rain. And cold. And then suddenly, summer. So no, there was no “late spring” visit.…

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nyc-etc: the butcher’s daughter

the butcher's daughter

Does a place ever just grab you – so much so, that you wish you lived closer and could visit any time? That’s what The Butcher’s Daughter is like for me. This cool/charming restaurant has been on our “must-go” list for quite some time, and we made our first trek there last month. And went back the…

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