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capsule wardrobe

o/n15 capsule wardrobe – fab links & final thoughts!

Happy December all! I know that I said that my last capsule wardrobe post would be my LAST capsule wardrobe post. But I wanted to touch base with some final-final thoughts, and – more importantly – some of my favorite style inspiration links. In thinking about my December/January capsule – and looking at my drastically…

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o/n15 capsule wardrobe!

Is it me, or was September, like 5 minutes long?? My last capsule was June/July/August, and yet – not only have I been wearing these same items for all of September too – I haven’t even thought of switching things up. I guess there have been a number of factors at work here: 1. Back to…

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j/j/a15 capsule wardrobe – checking in

So – I’m about halfway through this capsule period and what can I say? I love it! This approach continues to make life (a.k.a., mornings) much easier, and – as with the last capsule – I may even have TOO many choices. I did swap out one pair of pants for a more comfortable pair, and…

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j/j/a15 capsule wardrobe!

SO excited to be sharing my next capsule with you all – mainly because I’m thrilled to be wearing some new/different clothes! This one only totaled out to 35 pieces (and even that felt like a lot as I look at it all), with a slightly different breakdown than the last capsule: tops (12), bottoms (8), shoes…

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a/m15 capsule wardrobe – wrapping up & some links!

Monday is June 1st and my first “capsule” is almost over. And I cannot WAIT to wear some new clothes! While I originally opted to do a 2-month capsule (versus 3, as Caroline does) to prevent getting overwhelmed, it turned out to be the right call for sure. There’s no way I would want to…

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a/m15 capsule wardrobe, two weeks(ish) in

Wow – this capsule wardrobe thing has really resonated – more than I anticipated! I’ve had readers e-mailing me, friends chatting me up on the street and lots of Twitter and Instagram “liking” – seems that the concept of minimalist dressing (and a major closet purge) is something that a lot of you think a…

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