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hi five

It’s my “blogiversary”, and I’m sharing my thoughts on writing this blog for the past five years.

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“blove”: round-up edition II

So much great stuff to share with you today! This past year, no fewer than four of my friends have started brand new businesses. Businesses that highlight their passions, offer up something new and different, and allow for a shopping experience that is the antithesis of the big-box deal. In addition, these are all women who…

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“hey natalie jean”: a book review

If you’ve been hanging out here for some time, you know what a big (big!) fan I am of Natalie Holbrook – and her blog, Hey Natalie Jean. I read a lot of blogs, and though many come and go, Natalie’s is one that I a) never skip, and b) never regret spending time with.…

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“four” you: a blogiversary giveaway!

vazu, liddabit sweets, cold spring apothecary, l'occitane

This Friday Donuts, Dresses and Dirt turns 4. And I can hardly believe it. As I’ve said many (many) times before, I truly started this blog as a lark – a whim – to provide an outlet and a platform for sharing all of the things I was passionate about (click here to read about…

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the balance project!

I am super excited today to share with you all an interview I have featured at Susie Schnall today! It is part of her series called “The Balance Project”, and it is one of my favorite weekly reads: “Late in 2013, I thought it might be fun to ask women I admire how they—pardon the expression…

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“blove”: round-up edition!

If you are a regular reader of my “blove” series, you know the general format – every month or so I share a blog that I’ve been a long-time fan of. I talk a little bit about the blog – and the blogger – and then turn it over to that blogger to share her…

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blove: chalk white arrow

I can’t believe I’m just getting to this blog now, as it’s one of the very first I started reading. all photos courtesy of Sara Charlesworth Chalk White Arrow is a gorgeous lifestyle blog, penned by Sara Charlesworth. There are lovely travel pieces, delicious and simple recipes, photos of her small but beautifully curated home,…

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some “vrai” news!

vrai logo

When I started my landscape design business back in 2003, one of the biggest rewards was the pride I took in building something from scratch. I had, up till that point, always worked for another person or company and this time I was completely in control of the future of my professional life. It was…

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