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favor-“ette”: top 10 beach tips

If you’re like many families this time of year, you’re planning a trip someplace sandy in these last few weeks of August.

And while going to the beach -“in theory” – should be a freewheeling, no-stress experience, it can be (especially if you have kiddos in tow) just the opposite.

As we are at the beach pretty much every weekend, I’ve picked up a few helpful tips to minimize the muss and fuss – here are my top 10!

top 10 beach tips

1. Take a powder I’ve been doing this since Chelsea was a baby, and it’s my favorite beach tip ever!

top 10 beach hacks

Baby powder completely removes sand from skin – and because it’s dry you’re not dealing with wet little bodies before leaving the beach or getting to the car. Try it!

2. Recycle empty containers for “crush-proof” snacks  Goldfish, pretzels, chips – I transport these fragile snacks in repurposed containers.

top 10 beach hacks

They arrive intact, and no ripped bags to contend with (please tell me my kids aren’t the only ones who cannot open a bag without lacerating it?).

3. Flip your flip flops Essential on hot days. “Flip” everyone’s shoes so the soles face up. No more burnt feet at the end of the day…..

4. The “liquid band-aid” tip This is a great tip for the beach, amusement park or any time you and your littles are in a crowded place. Simply write your cell phone number on an arm or leg. Then apply liquid bandage on top. It’s clear and waterproof.

top 10 beach hacks

5. Be prepared My beach bag always contains: a change of clothes/extra bathing suit (accidents happen), large and small ziplocs (to stash the “accidents”) and a first aid kit (accidents….). Ziplocs also keep your phone dry, extra napkins clean and make a handy makeshift change purse.

6. Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses ZZ Top knows what’s up. The sandy beach is no place for your fancy designer frames. Trust me, I’ve broken, lost or otherwise wrecked some of my favorite pairs. It’s super easy to find fashion forward frames that won’t break the bank (or your heart if you lose them). Keep them right in your beach bag and toss ’em at the end of the summer.

7. Get crafty Who wants to swim with their money? Hide it in an unsuspecting place. An empty chapstick tube or sunscreen bottle will do the trick nicely.

8. Don’t be a drip Keep a few cupcake liners in your beach bag (in a ziploc, of course). Pop a hole in the bottom of one and place a popsicle through, for a perfect “drip catcher”!

top 10 beach hacks

9. Clear your ears Clogged ears? No problem – keep some balloons in your beach bag and blow into one a few times to clear them right up.

10. Let the steering wheel turn Turn your steering wheel 180 degrees when you park – the “top” will now be on the bottom, and less likely to burn your hands after baking in the hot sun.

What are some of your favorite beach tips? Share ’em in the comments!

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