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pop! goes my summer: key lime pie popsicles

A few years ago Conor asked for these mini cheesecakes for his birthday dinner. The recipe made a LOT, and even with the help of a gaggle of teenage boys, there were still many left over. So I wrapped them up and put them in the freezer.

And it was then that I discovered the wonder that is frozen cheesecake.

So when I set about creating a key lime pie popsicle I knew that I wanted to make it more of the cheesecake variety.

key lime pie popsicles

Which of course meant a healthy dose of graham cracker crust, too.

The result? These pretty, delicious striped pops!

key lime pie popsicles

I’ve got the easy how-to over at – so take a look and give them a try!

key lime pie popsicles

Get ALL the popsicles on my Pinterest board!

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