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coterie cookbook is here!


noun co·te·rie \ˈkō-tə-(ˌ)rē, ˌkō-tə-ˈ\

a small group of people who are interested in the same thing

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You guys.

I could hardly wait for Monday to come to let you know about my latest project – I am SO excited! It is called “Coterie Cookbooks“, and it is a monthly cookbook – with a different theme each month – consisting of recipes that are:


I was beyond thrilled to be asked to participate in this project, and when you see the names of some of my fellow contributors, you’ll understand why. These are some of the most talented and clever food bloggers out there, and I am truly honored to be partnering with them!

So what’s the deal?

Each month we will be rolling out a new e-book, with themes ranging from 5-minute lunchbox ideas, to waffle iron hacks (I know!), to this:

coterie cookbooks Healthy Snacks Preview

If like me, you wind up grabbing THE WORST possible foods when you are in the throes of a craving, you are going to adore “5-minute healthy snacks”. All delicious, all super easy and all prepped in under 5 minutes!

coterie cookbooks healthy snacks cover

This is the first time I’ve ever sold something on my blog, and believe me it was a VERY big decision. I thought for a long time about how it would feel to ask you to spend money here. And this is why I decided to do it:

I stand behind this project with all my heart, and know that you will love it too.

If you’ve ever plowed through Pinterest – or foodgawker – or any of the many cooking magazines you probably subscribe to – you know how overwhelming it can be to: a) find a recipe that you want to make/think you can make, and b) find a recipe that actually works. There’s just so. Much. Out there.

Whether you’ve been with me a short time or from the very beginning you know that my fave recipes are the ones that look great, are simple to execute and taste delicious. I pride myself on testing every recipe that goes up on this site, and this book is basically giving you 40+ recipes that go through the same rigors.

Simply click here to order – your e-book will be downloaded instantly, and is compatible with tablets, phones and computers. You also get a printable PDF to create a hard copy version. Most importantly, every book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it simply request a refund within 60 days. No questions asked.

There will also be a handy button that lives on the sidebar of my blog, so that you can order any book at any time.

I’ve already made several of the recipes from the first book and let me tell you  – it’s a keeper.

Thank you so much for your support; please let me know what you think!

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