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crushed/crushing: it’s the little things

So how’s your September been so far? I feel like I’m on a runaway train already – here we go! Back to the routine, back to the folders bulging with forms, permission slips and notices for ALL THE THINGS. I don’t know about you, but it takes me practically the whole month to get into a groove, and then it’s time for this.

And it’s months like these when I really appreciate what I call “the little things” that make life – the boring, mundane day-to-day stuff, I mean – just a little easier. A little funnier. A little more organized.

Which brings me to this month’s “c/c” – a little different, in that it’s all about the “crushed”. I’ve been gathering a BUNCH of great “little things”, and want to share ’em all with you right now!

Crushed: For the longest time I’ve been mildly irked at the literally hundreds of “contacts” I have on my phone. Yet was I really going to spend time individually deleting? Say hello to the Group app. Once you launch it (and allow it access to your contacts) it lets you bulk delete by tapping the circle that appears next to each name. I felt lighter immediately! POW!

Crushed: By now you all know how I feel about weighing (versus measuring) ingredients when baking. And I look forward to the day when all websites, magazines and cookbooks will at least have both options when sharing recipes. But that is sadly not the case, not by a long shot. Which is why I am geeking out over the Cake app. It converts common baking ingredients between volume and weight, and you can even add your own ingredients to the list. So while I know that 1 cup of sugar is equal to 200 grams, I definitely do NOT know the weight of 2/3 cup of cake flour. A few taps on this intuitive app and I’ve got my answer (I did tell you that this post was all about the little things, yes?).

cake app

Crushed: While I have two timers in my kitchen – one on the oven and one on the microwave – it doesn’t help much if I can’t recall which timer is for which food (and yes, this has resulted in burnt garlic bread and undercooked rice, thankyouverymuch). The Thyme app has solved this problem beautifully. The app gives you five timers, laid out like a 4-burner stovetop – plus an oven. When the timer is done, you’re notified with an alarm, along with a message saying “Your top-right stove just finished!”.

thyme app collage

Crushed: When I started getting seriously into popsicles last year, I found it challenging to neatly fill the molds without spilling/dripping on the tops and sides. This was especially hard when doing layered pops that needed more precision. I discovered this mini beaker set from OXO and love it. These little guys solved the pops-problem in a jiffy, but are handy for so much more – from measuring small amounts of liquid (no more spilling that “teaspoon” of vanilla) to dispensing medication, to letting Noah’s little hands get a firm grip when he’s “helping” me bake (yeah, he tends to spill a “teaspoon” of vanilla too).

OXO mini beakers set

Crushed: You’ve got to admire a person who has thought to make something as ho-hum as the weather report actually enjoyable. The folks at Poncho have created an app that delivers (via text or e-mail) a daily forecast that’s – dare I say it? – fun. When you sign up it asks you some questions to help personalize your report, based on when you wake up, how you commute, if you have allergies, etc. And every morning I receive a funny, quirky e-mail that not only tells me the temps for the day, but whether or not my hair will frizz. Important stuff, people.

poncho app collage

Crushed: Seriously, skin? I’m almost 52 of a certain age, for god’s sake, HOW can I still be breaking out? Granted it’s very very rare but still. SUPER annoying. You too? (I’m referring to the breaking out thing, not the age thing. I know I’m older than all of you out there, bless your hearts) THIS, my friends, is the hands-down very best zit zapper I’ve ever used. Dab it on at the first little glimpse of a breakout (a few times a day, if you can) and it shuts that zit DOWN. Or gets rid of it way faster than anything else, for sure.

credentials blemish fix

AAAAND, links!

Re: the aforementioned, here’s a super helpful video on how to cover that rogue blemish. It’s a minute long and is exactly the technique I used when I was a make-up artist.

Things that will happen if I don’t take my phone out RIGHT NOW.

How much do you love Amy Schumer? (“Women can’t deny the authority of therapy. And/or Oprah”)

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