favor-“ette”: an onion tip

January 13th, 2015

You would be hard pressed to find someone who cries more than I do while chopping onions.


We’re talking buckets – burning eyes, smudged mascara – the whole package.

Short of goggles, I’ve tried every trick in the book – freezing the onion, chopping it under running water – and nothing worked.

Till now!

how to chop an onion without tears

To chop an onion without crying, simply put a couple of matches (unlit!!!) between your lips.

Needless to say I was as skeptical as ever but this really truly worked. No tears.

I don’t understand the science behind the “why”, but who cares – my make-up is saved!

how to chop an onion without tears

How about you? Any surefire no-tears methods that have worked for you?

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