pop! goes my summer: a postscript, of sorts

September 17th, 2014

When I started this series, way back at the beginning of summer, I was convinced that I would have my share of fails. But – much to my surprise – each and every pop was truly delicious. Some more than others (hello, Oreo milkshake pops!), but each one pretty much a success.

Except one.

My love of all things s’mores has been well documented here – from s’mores bars to homemade s’mores. So I was determined to find a recipe that combined all the expected flavors into what I imagined would be the most amazing popsicle of them all.

And I did.

Roasted marshmallows, folded into vanilla ice cream and frozen into pops, dunked in a coating of chocolate and finally, rolled in crushed graham crackers.

roasted marshmallows


And ohmygod was it going well. I snuck a spoonful of the roasted marshmallow/vanilla ice cream before transferring to the molds and smiled smugly to myself, yep, this is the one.

Except, when I tried to get the pops out of the molds, I discovered that they were not frozen solid – even after 24 hours.

So they looked like this:

s'mores sundaes


Not one to take failure well, I was going to keep this from you all – forever. But calmer heads Mike prevailed and said, “you HAVE to do something with this ice cream. It’s that good”. (It really was).

So I took this “lemon”, and made S’mores Sundaes!

s'mores sundaes

I used some leftover hot fudge sauce and crumbled graham crackers over the top.

s'mores sundaes

Yeah – see those two bowls? Ate ’em both.

So while I can’t say that this was my fave popsicle of the series, I can – without reservation – say that this is one of my new fave desserts.

If you’re “Team S’mores” like I am, give this a try – and if you have any idea why those pesky pops didn’t freeze, please share!

s'mores sundaes

S’mores Sundaes

1 quart vanilla ice cream, slightly softened
8 oz. marshmallows
hot fudge sauce (from this recipe), chocolate syrup or ganache
graham crackers

Roast the marshmallows however you like – under the broiler, or over an open flame. Fold into the softened ice cream, either by hand or using a mixer. Freeze till solid.

To serve, place a few scoops in a bowl, drizzle with your choice of chocolate sauce and top with some crumbled graham crackers.

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