favor-“ette”: parchment paper cupcake liners

August 5th, 2014

Much like salt, flour and butter, cupcake liners are something that I always expect to have on-hand at all times.

Till I don’t – which I inevitably discover only after all the ingredients are out and ready to go.

Fortunately I have a friend who has a seemingly bottomless supply of liners – and will deliver them on a moment’s notice. But as that wasn’t always the case I came across this tip that you may find useful too!

parchment paper cupcake liners

Here’s how to make your own cupcake liners:

parchment paper cupcake liners

Cut 5″ squares of parchment paper – as many as you need for your recipe. Take one square and center it over a small glass or cup (I use one of Noah’s little plastic cups). Slide your hand down the sides of the cup, pleating the paper and forming your liner. Parchment paper is nice and sturdy and will easily hold its shape.

parchment paper cupcake liners

parchment paper cupcake liners

Place the liners in your muffin tins and fill with your batter.

Easy, yes? I often use this technique even if I have liners in the house – I just love the way they look. And because parchment paper is non-stick the liners peel away cleanly, without taking any precious cake with them.

parchment paper cupcake liners

Happy Tuesday!

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