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May 8th, 2014

If today’s “blove” looks familiar, it’s because this lady’s work has graced these pages very recently. Joy was one of the contributors (along with MJ) to “Mini Cooks” – and I’m such a huge admirer that I wanted to share a bit more about her blog, Frock Files, with all of you (all images, except where noted, courtesy of Joy Uyeno).

frock files

 photo credit: Meghann Street

If you’ve been reading along here for a while, you know that I’m a fan of “good” and “simple”. I like perfectly prepared, but unfussy food. Classic clothing that has a distinctive – but subtle – edge. And a modern, clean design aesthetic.

And that is pretty much what Frock Files is all about. From Joy:

“Frock Files is a lifestyle blog about living a chic life without the fuss. Here, you’ll find simple recipes, the occasional craft, covetable fashion, and mini happiness boosters. Nothing complicated; just a bit of daily inspiration and whimsy.”

In short – my kind of blog.

Joy never – ever- disappoints, whether it’s a  TOTALLY doable DIY (and if I’m saying “doable”, you know it is!), a simple yet elegant dessert, or a fab style post.

I’m super glad that I’m now letting the blogger pick her fave posts, because I don’t know that I could have narrowed it down!

You know I’m a fan of the baking hack – and honestly, mochi is something I NEVER would have attempted on my own. Joy demystifies the process, with easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photos too.

frock files mochi

 Super Soft Mochi

“Growing up in Hawaii, mochi was always a celebratory food – and one of my favorites. I posted this recipe on my blog just for fun, and I’ve been surprised by how hugely popular it’s been! I attribute its success to the fact that it’s my grandma’s recipe and everything she touches turns to gold. Since this post, I’ve done a series on mochi, including butter mochi, mochi ice cream, and pumpkin mochi.”

No surprise that I love this one too – always a fan of multi-taskers, I especially liked the playful approach Joy took to showing 3 ways to style a simple summer dress!

Dress Up, Dress Down Summer Dresses

“Photography was never intended to become a big part of my blog, so I bought the cheapest sturdy little DSLR that I could find. My beat up Rebel and I are now inseparable — I only wish it had video. To make up for it, I started making short stop motion videos, like this one on three ways to style a summer dress. They’re so much fun, and they feel a little quaint and handmade, like the rest of my blog.”

Though I hate this overused word, Joy truly is relatable. Her series “Let’s Chat” has become a must-read for this socially awkward gal. By sharing her own insecurities around typical encounters, Joy creates a “let’s figure this out together” approach that has given me food for thought – and some useful tools too.

frock files let's chat

Let’s Chat: The Best Way to Greet People

“After years and years of working out of my home as a freelancer, I went to work in an office at the beginning of this year and found myself smack in the middle of many awkward conversations. I was watching Downton Abbey one day when it struck me – becoming a great conversationalist is a skill that can be cultivated! Soon after, I launched the “Let’s Chat” series, and it’s been really fun to see how much the topic resonates with people.”

Isn’t she fabulous? I couldn’t resist adding a few of my personal favorites too:

Though I know I “should” be using coffee cubes in my iced coffee, it makes the coffee way too strong for my taste. Joy nails the problem with this easy solution.

These simple and easy-to-make friendship bracelets are 100% ME.

I’m always trying to improve my listening habits. This post about how to be truly engaged really resonated with me.

And there’s more – so much more! So head over to Frock Files and settle in – you’ll be there for a while, I’m sure.

Thank you Joy!

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