announcing VRAI Magazine!

April 14th, 2014

Big announcement for little me today.

A while back I was contacted by Danny, of the blog 1227  Foster – he told me that he was starting a new on-line magazine, and would I like to be one of the contributors?

My initial reaction was what it typically is in these situations – something along the lines of “this must be a mistake”.

But I read on and it was clear that a) he was very familiar with my blog, and b) this was not a mistake.

And I can’t tell you how excited I am to share VRAI Magazine with all of you!


So what is VRAI Magazine?

“VRAI Magazine is a blog lifestyle magazine written by creative and experienced bloggers with real stories to share. Throughout each month, stories will unfold that touch upon various aspects of everyday life — from food, home, entertaining, crafts and decor, fashion, beauty, well-being and travel — but each written from a personal perspective.”

Twice each month you’ll find mouthwatering recipes, great ideas to brighten up your “everyday” and stunningly photographed journeys to destinations around the world.


 image credit: Danielle Gaddis


 image credit: Karista Bennett


image credit: Jim O’Donnell

With the glut of information coming at us each and every day I was truly impressed with Danny’s vision – and his commitment to providing something truly different and beautifully executed.

Today is the launch of the premier issue and I’d love you to take a look – I’m in it! My article is entitled “Parenting on Both Sides of Facebook”, and it’s a piece I’ve been writing in my head for several years.

Sheri-Silver-cover vrai magazine

Be sure to look around at the talented writers and photographers I’m featured with – and if you like what you see, take a moment to subscribe so that you never miss an issue!

Where else can you find us? Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest

Have a great day!

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