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“mini cooks” do breakfast – egg in a basket!

Hi all!

It’s Chapter Two of “Mini Cooks”!

It’s Joy’s turn today and she’s taking on breakfast – specifically, egg in a basket:

frock files egg in a basket

all images courtesy of Joy

This is a favorite around here, and Joy has nailed it as far as choosing a delicious dish that even the tiniest hands can help with. From cutting out the bread, to cracking the egg and sprinkling the salt and pepper, this is a perfect dish for involving children of all ages.

In our family it’s sort of a rite of passage to learn how to make your own egg in a basket – and just like his sister, when Conor heads to college in the fall he will have at least one healthy dish under his belt!

frock files egg in a basket2

So head on over to Frock Files today, and be sure to check back right here next week – Noah and I will be making a midday snack!

Happy Wednesday!

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