favor-“ette”: foil-covered cupcake pans

November 19th, 2013

Are you a clean cook or a messy cook? I’m firmly trenched in the latter.

Organized? Check.

Precise? Double check.

Clean up as I go? Absolutely.



This is especially irksome when making muffins and cupcakes. No matter what tricks I’ve learned – no matter how careful I think I’m being – drips and drops of batter find themselves scattered all over the pan.

So I’m a big fan – HUGE – of this easy tip:

foil covered cupcake pan

Simply cover your cupcake pan with a sheet of tin foil. Using a pair of kitchen shears, snip an “X” over the center of each opening. Gently press the folds back and place your liners in.

foil covered cupcake pan

foil covered cupcake pan

When you’re through baking, remove the foil and discard.

foil covered cupcake pan

Do you love it? What are your tips for keeping cooking utensils and equipment splatter and drip-free? Will you share with this messy cook?

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