favor-“ette”: clogs (?)

October 1st, 2013

I need your help here guys.

See, I’ve been obsessing over clogs lately. A very specific kind of clog. Mid-height heel, a little strappy, and just a bit nerdy.


nina z anna

image credit: nina z

I typically think of these shoes for warmer weather – and I have a pair that I love with my summer dresses and skirts.

maguba valencia clogs

image credit: maguba

But I keep envisioning a “winter” pair – with thick socks and cuffed jeans, or tights and a skirt.

hasbeens peep toe super high

image credit: hasbeens

What do you think? Cute? Weird? Meh?

sven diamond strap closed toe

image credit: sven

Let’s discuss.

maguba bologna clogs

image credit: maguba

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12 Responses to “favor-“ette”: clogs (?)”

  • Do it!

    I love my clogs. Winter booties and summer strappies but to be honest, I am not much of a bootie person so now you’ve inspired me to consider just adding socks to a strappy pair! Hmmmm 🙂 I think it need to be at least mid-heel height to avoid looking like a socks-and-sandals disaster but that’s a rule I just made up now, so it’s loose for interpretation and fashionista I am not.

  • She beat me to the fashionista disclaimer. But If I had any fashion sense, these I’d do the way you described. Nerdy and chic and comfortable.

  • These clogs are too dressy for jeans unless you wear them to a cocktail or house party.
    Definitely a warm weather shoe without socks!!

  • The nerdier, the better–at least in my book! There’s something I love so much about geeky library chic and these totally fit into that category!

  • I like the very first and very last pair for how you described wearing.

  • Like others, I may cringe at past looks I sported over the decades but clogs are not one of them. The laidback vibe is cute in a stylish anti-fashion way and makes you feel cozy like you’re hanging out with an old friend.

    • sherisilver says:

      I feel just the same – I think a lot has to do with how you “bring it back” the second time around! 🙂

  • i LOVE them all. reminds me of the ones i used to wear in high school (10 yrs ago).

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