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favor-“ette”: ike’s cookies

It was almost too good to be true.

Ready-to-bake cookies, made from the same ingredients (some even better!) that I would use.

Cute, recyclable and compostable packaging.

Cookies individually wrapped in their own little parchment circles – so you can bake one or a dozen, with no mess to clean up.

A company that gives – generously – to charity.

Well hello, Ike’s Cookies!

ike's cookies, cookie dough

image courtesy of Ike’s Cookies

When Alex contacted me a while back, offering to send me a box of cookies to sample, I was skeptical. But after spending some time on the charming web site – and asking for an ingredient list – I agreed, and chose the Almond Sugar cookies (of course).


Crazy delicious, as any baked from scratch cookie should be.

And yes, I’m now completely smitten with this company.

And I think they like, “like” me too – because they have a special offer exclusively for you, my wonderful readers!

ikes cookies promotion

Ike’s Cookies are generously offering their goodies for $20 a box – a savings of $4 (offer code expires August  14, 2013). I think I’m going to try the Red Velvet next.

I really couldn’t love this company more – and I know that you will too. They’re doing good, offering a great product (cleverly packaged, natch), and – well, cookies!

Get a box for yourself and send one to someone you love.

Happy Wednesday!

Note: I was not compensated for this post. Ike’s Cookies kindly sent me a box of cookies to sample; all comments and opinions expressed here are – as always – completely my own.