hanging herb garden

July 22nd, 2013

Without question, one of my favorite perks of summer is the abundance of fresh herbs. There’s no comparison to the dried variety, and I use them liberally in my warm-weather cooking.

I would love to have tons of herbs growing around the house – so that I can have access to them at any time. But the areas that get the most sun unfortunately do not provide ideal space for a grouping of pots and planters.

And then I came across this hanging herb planter in a recent issue of (what else?) Martha Stewart.

hanging herb garden


In well under an hour – and with just a few materials – I had a lush “vertical” herb garden, that looks so pretty too!

Here’s what you’ll need:
a tiered wire hanging basket (I got mine here)
sheet moss
potting soil
assorted herbs

hanging herb garden

hanging herb garden

Dampen the sheet moss, to make it pliable and less crumbly prior to use. Line the sides and bottoms of the baskets, making sure that the moss-side is facing outward (don’t worry if the pieces don’t match up perfectly).

Fill each basket about half-way with the potting soil.

Carefully place a few herbs in each basket (I got five in the bottom tier, four in the middle and three in the top). Fill in any gaps with more soil.

Finish with a layer of mulch. Hang in a sunny spot (one that gets 6-8 hours of sun is best) and water thoroughly.

hanging herb garden

There you have it! With plenty of sunlight and water, you’ll have an abundance of herbs in no time.

And don’t you think this would make a fabulous housewarming or hostess gift too?

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