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I recently re-read my post about sharing blogs that I love (aka “blove”) on a regular basis. I needed a little reminder of what mattered to me most when selecting a blog to add to my growing list of  “must-reads”:

Great writing.


Always worth spending time with.

I never want to miss a post.

And I realized that I was long overdue to show some blove to Rebecca.

the daily muse

photo courtesy of Rebecca Baust

Rebecca writes one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Muse. I have been reading this blog for almost 2 years, having discovered it on the wonderful “My Life as a Blog” series. I was immediately smitten with Rebecca’s style, and soon became equally enamored of just about everything else about her blog.

It’s easy to summarize The Daily Muse – she basically writes about – well, just about everything. There are recipes. Great eats in and around New York City. Style posts. Healthy living tips. And beautiful photography throughout.

There is virtually no “wrong click” here – in fact I always hope that, after reading these posts, that you head over to that blog and spend some time poking around. I can pretty much guarantee that you will love doing just that on The Daily Muse.

What was trickier was trying to put into words what makes this blog so special – so “blove worthy” to me.

So – like I always do – I went back and looked at some of my favorite posts.

Of course I love the spare, clean design of the blog. The smart, witty writing. The beautiful photographs. The chic, boyish style that is much like my own (plus  many years, natch).

But what I love above all is how Rebecca’s voice has grown and evolved over the time I’ve been reading. And as I struggle to find – and stay true to – my writerly voice, I’ve noticed that I gravitate more and more to writers who do this well.

And this is Rebecca.

Her writing reflects someone who gives great thought to each word (without it ever coming across as contrived or forced). Someone who truly knows her voice. Someone who is not pandering to what is “trending”. And as a result, Rebecca inspires me to pay attention. To listen. To make sure I’m knowing my voice.

So read The Daily Muse.

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe – usually quick and easy too.

If you want to see some beautiful photography.

If you’re a collector of nifty cooking tips (and this).

If you covet good design.

If you enjoy straight talk (especially this one on getting rid of the negative, and this one on style).

And I had to include this one – such a lovely piece, one of my very favorites.

See? You basically can’t go wrong.

I got to meet Rebecca last month at Alt NYC, and I’m so happy to be sharing this talented blogger with you all right here.

Wanna know what “blove” is?

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