favor-“ette”: mosquito plant

July 10th, 2013




We are quite the threesome each year – me being the one covered in bites.  And I’ve tried everything, in the hopes of avoiding both DEET and itchy uncomfortable bites. Candles, “natural” repellents, you name it.

So you could imagine my reaction when I saw these at the nursery:

mosquito plant

They were literally labelled “Mosquito Plants”. And I scooped up a few without thinking twice.

They are actually scented geraniums, whose lemony fragrance closely mimics that of citronella. The nursery owner told me to take a few leaves and rub them on my skin to release the oils.

I figured I had nothing to lose, and the other night I gave it a try. I rubbed the leaves on my forearms, but not my legs. And whaddya know – NO bites on my arms and several on my legs and feet!

mosquito plant

Now thoroughly intrigued, I did a little research on-line and discovered several plants that are reputed to have insect-repellent properties (a few I even have in my own gardens!).

Have you tried this? Do you have any sure-fire methods for keeping pesky bugs at bay? Let’s share!

Note: You’ll want to do a “test” on a small patch of skin, to make sure to avoid any potential allergic reaction.

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  • we had an outdoor space in the last place we lived and we had an amazing number of mosquitos. We found these through a friend and planted them around the outdoor space. Every time we went out we rubbed the leaves to let the sent out and wouldn’t you know it…no more mosquitos. I can never find them up here though, do you a recommend a place locally that sells them?

  • I had one of these plants last summer but didn’t know about rubbing the leaves on my skin. No wonder I still got bites! Every year I go through 2 cans of Deep Woods Off, stink to high heaven, and still get bitten up. I will try the plant again!

    • sherisilver says:

      Oh good – let me know and check out that article with the other plants – maybe you have some in your garden already! xo

      • The herb and plant farmer at my local farmer’s market recommended lemon verbena. I bought one, rubbed it on my feet, and proceeded to get 3 bites! I have lavender, catmint, rosemary and basil in my garden. Tonight’s task: rub EVERYTHING all over. Worst case, I’ll smell heavenly!

  • The basil really works. Years ago we had a friend with a porch table with several basil plants on one side. We noticed that anyone sitting in the seat next to the basil was free of bites, but everyone else was covered!

  • Katherin says:

    Taking Vitamin B1 or a B complex is supposed to work.

    Neem oil or cream works too!

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