favor-“ette”: herb centerpiece

June 19th, 2013

Whether it’s the perfect ankle boot or a no-fail recipe for ganache, I love a good multi-tasker. And this just might be one of my very favorites!

herb centerpiece

This herb pot centerpiece takes just a few minutes to assemble and looks so pretty on your summer table. It works as a simple and inexpensive table decor, AND your guests can snip the leaves to garnish their food and drink.

herb centerpiece

herb centerpiece

Here’s what you’ll need:

4” terra cotta pots, with saucers
Assorted herbs (I used basil, sage, oregano, parsley and two varieties of mint)
Mulch or moss
Plant markers (optional)

Remove plants from the plastic pots; loosen the roots a bit. Place herbs in the terra cotta pots, pressing in firmly so they’re nice and snug.

Top the base of the plants with some mulch or moss – this prevents soil “splash up” onto the leaves, and gives a neat and finished appearance.

If desired, place a plant marker in each pot (I used a popsicle stick and waterproof marker; you can get fancier if you like).

Could this be any easier? These would also make an inexpensive and much appreciated teacher thank-you or hostess gift – simply tie with a ribbon, and voila!

herb centerpiece

Happy Wednesday!

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