favor-“ette”: apple to go

June 5th, 2013

Noah will be in a little program for a few weeks before camp starts, and I have to send him with his lunch each day (I know, when did THIS happen??).

As his picky eating has been well-documented here, you can imagine how stressful this is for me. But one thing I can pretty much guarantee he’ll eat is an apple. Problem is, he likes it cut up – and I couldn’t figure out how to avoid the inevitable brown spots.

Till now.

apple to go

LOVE this idea from At Home With Real Food. Not only does it prevent browning, Noah thinks it’s a puzzle!

Simply cut up the apple and put it back together, securing with a clean rubber band.

apple to go

apple to go

No more brown spots!

apple to go

Give it a try – and have a happy Wednesday!

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