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May 13th, 2013

Whenever commenters on my blog list links to their blogs, I try – as often as I can – to take a look. While I respond to each and every comment I receive, I also want to give a fellow blogger the courtesy he or she has shown me by reading my blog and taking the time to write.

In the case of Annie’s blog – Lovely Things – it was the best “click” I ever did click. Although at the time, I was cursing Annie under my breath. See, I had no intention of anything more than a quick perusal of her blog – and wound up spending an inordinate amount of time there instead.

lovely things

So first off – do NOT click on Lovely Things unless you have an inordinate amount of time to spend. You will not be able to stop yourself from looking at the next post. And the next. Until you’ve spent possibly many hours getting lost in this warm and lovely blog.

I always make a point of reading the “About” section of a new-to-me blog. I’m curious about the blog’s back story and where the blogger is writing from. Okay, and I’m totally nosy too. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that Annie lived not far from me, and that she has an older son and daughter too (Yay! She’s not 30!). She gravitates toward a clean and simple design aesthetic and loves old homes. She also spends much of her free time exploring and photographing New York City.

Sound familiar? Could I NOT meet this woman?

I reached out immediately, and we met “in the middle” for coffee not long after that. I hope to do it again soon, as she’s just as smart, warm and engaging in person as you’d imagine she would be from her blog.

And oh my, her blog.

Whether it’s a delicious (and typically simple) recipe, a DIY that I could actually accomplish, a photo essay of a morning meandering Brooklyn or New York, or some lovely interior shots of her beautiful home, Annie’s posts are a joy to behold.

Now, this is usually the part in my “blove” posts where I pick a few of my favorite posts.

But I’m going to break from tradition and, instead, share a few of of my favorites photos from Lovely Things:

lovely things

lovely things

lovely things

lovely things

photo credit: Annie Diamond

Because – and I mean this  – I love each and every one of Annie’s posts. For real. I read each one, and pore over every single photo. And it’s not only because the writing resonates with me, and the pictures are beautiful. It’s because I can really relate to the life Annie is living – and I think we naturally gravitate toward those we can see a little of ourselves in.

So go take a look at Lovely Things. You know, when you have the time……….

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