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April 15th, 2013

Gosh I love doing this series.

brooklyn supper

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Stark

Brooklyn Supper is a must-read blog, penned by the talented and lovely Elizabeth Stark, along with her equally talented and lovely (awkward?) husband Brian Campbell:

“[By] highlighting seasonal ingredients, we hope to start a conversation and inspire readers to get to know local foods, from the humble to the sublime. We feel strongly that seasonal food and fresh, local ingredients should be for everyone.”

A lofty, and – thanks to beautiful, delicious and supremely doable recipes – totally reachable goal.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Elizabeth personally for a while now, and have even eaten her amazing food – twice (lucky me!).

So why do I love this blog (and Elizabeth) so much?

Where do I begin………

The writing. It all starts with the writing. Elizabeth’s genuine warmth and keen mind come through in every word. Having spent some time with her I can honestly say that reading her posts is like hearing her calm and confident voice in your head – you can do this.

The recipes. This is a food blog, so you’re going to expect some amazing dishes, yes? And indeed, Elizabeth delivers. But Brooklyn Supper is so much more than that. I rely on Elizabeth to show me what’s in season right now, and some of the very best ways to use that gorgeous produce that’s beckoning from the market. And I mean the very best. Pretty much every recipe screams “make me now” – and I actually could, because in addition to looking mouth watering, they are all truly easy to execute. Elizabeth is mom to two young daughters, so I would imagine that might have something to do with it.  As a busy, working mom she knows that time is limited – but that shouldn’t mean putting “less than” on the dinner table.

The photography. Elizabeth’s photos are the perfect complement to her posts. Simple, clean and unfussy, they beautifully capture each dish – trust me, you will WANT to make them all…..

The stories. In addition to being a talented cook and photographer, Elizabeth is a wonderful storyteller too. Over the last year especially, I feel as though her posts have woven her cooking more and more into her daily life, and she graciously shares it all with us.

So here’s the part where I share my favorite posts – but honestly, I don’t know how to do this here. Even when Elizabeth posts a recipe with pears ingredients that I would never use, I enjoy looking at the beautiful photos and reading the words that accompany.

But if I HAD to choose:

This delicious kale salad SAVED me when Chelsea came home a vegan last year.

I can’t wait till sweet limes arrive so that I can make this salad.

This simple, seasonal and lovely dessert perfectly depicts all that is Brooklyn Supper.

Oh – and this one – because, well. Eggs. Brussels sprouts. Gruyere.

If you’re new to Brooklyn Supper you’ve arrived just in time. Big things are happening for Elizabeth and her family, and you can follow along as they welcome spring and begin an exciting new chapter in their lives.

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