#2 (thoughts on two years)

February 20th, 2013

“Year two? Bring it”.

#2 pencils

image credit: Homemade Serenity

That’s how I ended the post I wrote about my blog’s one year anniversary. And here we are, a whole year later. I tried to think of a clever title – something witty to say about the number “two”. This is what I found:

Two’s company.
It takes two to tango.
Two heads are better than one.
Two wrongs don’t make a right.
The terrible twos.
Tea for two.
Two peas in a pod.
No two ways about it.

Not a very “inspired” collection of phrases, so it was up to me to collect my thoughts on the past year and share them with you in a (hopefully) meaningful way.

Here goes.

I started my second year of blogging with a few very specific goals:

Continue building a body of work that I could be proud of.


Figure out if I wanted to “go pro” with my blog  – and if so, how did I want to go about it (and what did that mean, anyway)?


Muster up the conviction and confidence in myself to “own” what I’ve done, and put it out there into the world (because, truthfully, how could I expect anyone to partner with me until I believed in me first?).


There were also some “unexpecteds” – which is of course, where all the really interesting stuff happens, right?

I wrote a post about trust – the scariest leap I’ve taken here – and was greeted with (whoa!) 100% support, love and kindness.

I completed my “Thursdays with Noah” series – one that I never thought would have a place here, yet was consistently met with some of the most lovely and enthusiastic comments. This has given me the courage to continue to write about things that don’t necessarily fit into my donut/dress/dirt “blog model”.

 A  woman I admire so  told me that I had to go to Camp Mighty – I went, and it was one of the most meaningful experiences I had that year (and, truth be told, kind of ever).

I did my very first collaboration with a blogger – and woman – I have such respect and fondness for, and enjoyed it so much that I plan to do more (look at me, playing well with others!).

But that was all so “year #2”. What’s up ahead?

Good question.

To start, more regularly scheduled features – you can now count on weekly favor-“ettes”, monthly NYC “finds”, and discovering one new blog a month to “blove”. I’ll be rolling out a few new series too (stay tuned; I’m so excited!).

I want to continue improving my photography skills – through practice-practice-practice and an on-line class I’ll be taking next month (thanks again Camp Mighty!).

I also hope to be writing “elsewhere” – posts and collaborations on other sites that mesh with what I do, but allow me to stretch my legs a bit and occasionally leave this safe and cozy nook of mine.

Finally (and MOST importantly), I hope to keep seeing you all right here – commenting, e-mailing, and sharing the love – both on and off-line. There aren’t big enough words to thank you for spending time on this blog with me. For sticking with me when my pictures looked like these. For your genuine enthusiasm for my latest “proud moments”. And for sharing all of your great tips, links and recipes whenever I ask (seriously, you guys are the best!).

I’m blessed, flattered and truly grateful to have you all here.

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