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January 16th, 2013

Wow – it’s been way too long since I’ve given some “blove” around here!  So here we go – and I’m starting off 2013 with one of my “blove-iest”!!!

This was the very first photo I saw of Jen Cooper:

classic play

 photo courtesy of Jennifer Cooper

It was shared by a mutual bloggy friend and I couldn’t click over fast enough (don’t you want to? It’s okay, go ahead. I’ll wait…….).

Are you back?

Simply put, I LOVE Classic Play.

It’s a site that continually reminds me that, when it comes to our children, simple is usually best. That the best kind of play is open-ended, allowing for our children’s own “stamp” and individuality. That “simple” doesn’t have to equal “boring”. And that you can almost always make, create and explore with the most basic, inexpensive and easy-to-find materials.

Classic Play has tons of ideas for parties, crafts, experiments and more – they are all 100% doable, and even fold in a teachable moment or two, without ever feeling heavy-handed.

The site has a fresh and joyful feel and is sophisticated without ever being imposing. Jen is definitely that person you want to live next door to – I know I do (I’m imagining all of her neighbors reading this right now and nodding vigorously in agreement….).

classic play jen

  photo courtesy of Jennifer Cooper

Jen also writes about her family, parenting and marriage in such an open, honest and relatable way. She offers up a regular glimpse into her day-to-day life that always leaves me with that feeling of, “Okay – I’m not the only one…..”. I thank her for that.

I’m meeting Jen one week from today (squee!) at Alt Summit and I cannot wait to hug this lovely lady for real!

My fave Classic Play posts? As always, I struggled, but here goes:

I’m OBSESSED with the simple games and activities of my childhood. Jen brought them all back for a summer full of Camp Classic Play.

Love this push pin string art project.

As her daughter approaches middle school age, a painful childhood memory was triggered. This remains one of my very favorite pieces.

I smiled through this entire marriage-y Christmas-y love story.

And how about these chalkboard dice? Can’t wait to try these this summer!

Jen also has her own business –  EBK Robots – charming and adorable handmade robot dolls (is she awesome or what?).

Have fun exploring Classic Play – once you do I guarantee you will never want to miss a post!

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