she’s a rainbow

June 4th, 2012

If boxed cake mix and canned frosting had a love child, her name would be Chelsea.

Oh, and she would have a sister – Christina Tosi, the brilliant pastry chef of Momofuku Milk Bar.

And their favorite flavor would be……….


birthday layer cake, milk bar

Yes, this child of mine, while appreciating all fine baked goods (both mine and others), also enjoys her some Funfetti.

As for Ms. Tosi:

“What’s better than box cake, you might ask? Nothing, actually. All I really want for breakfast, lunch or dinner is box cake and its amazing wealth of by-products…..We undertook the recipe development task of re-creating my favorite, and the ultimate birthday box cake, Funfetti, from scratch.”

I was alarmed to read this at first, but then I reminded myself that this was the same mind that created Crack Pie and Cornflake Crunch. And of course, I succumbed.

birthday layer cake, milk bar

She calls this cake a “dream come true”, and I knew that this would be Chelsea’s 21st birthday cake – and a dream come true for her, too.

Here are the components:

Birthday cake.

Birthday cake soak.

Birthday cake crumb.

Birthday cake frosting.

birthday layer cake, milk bar

birthday layer cake, milk bar

I’m not even joking. So needless to say there will be no recipe today as it’s too much to post here (even for me!).  Just get the book already! Update: I posted the recipe – here it is!

Or enjoy these pictures and wish my lovely girl a happy 21st birthday.

She is MY rainbow.

birthday layer cake, milk bar

If you’re new here, you can read more about my “sweet and salty” daughter in the post I wrote for her 20th birthday…………

birthday layer cake, milk bar

birthday layer cake, milk bar

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